Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Lounge - Cable Boxes

I hate a mess of cables. Seriously. Single or double row power strips fit into Blue Lounge, Cable Boxes and you can plug away, cables unseen. The most current power strips come with USB ports to charge your peripherals. This is a great way to charge devices without them hanging out of your electrical sockets.Until Blue Lounge's Cable Boxes, I tied and wound cords into neat but still visible bundles, tucking them in corners as best as possible. These boxes are life changers. So much easier on the eyes. I could do without the cables coming out of the sides but then I guess then you wouldn't need the box. No such thing as truly wireless, yet...
Mini Cable Boxes are available in array of colors online at Blue Lounge. Lots of other neat stuff but this is the best. Expert opinion.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Orbiting Io

Alchemist. Janine Lim, thoughtfully describes identity, motherhood, household maintenance and nurturing her daughter as, “the most important job in the world.” but that, " post-baby, [her] work was largely unseen."

She confides that, "the only time I felt that my work was noticed was when I failed (or appeared to fail) to do it—like when the house was a wreck, or there was no dinner, or my child was losing it at the grocery store. In this way, a good job assumed a quality of invisibility; the better it was done, the less you noticed it."

Lim flips the switch and transforms the virtually unseen into plain sight. She relates that, “creating visibility, to capture a moment in time is also to assign it worth. In this sense, photographing my work at home has become a process of self-validation and an opportunity to assign value to my own labor. I do it to honor myself and the women of the world who deserve illumination.”

An intimate portrait of young mother demonstrating command of thought, heart and courage.

Read more essays on, Orbiting Io.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sometimes it's the words we haven't got. Sometimes it's the song that carries us through the day. It's disappointment, hope, love and reflection, encapsulated. It compels us because it is an indication that someone else has been there. Music is a footprint for us to follow. Or as Lil B, reminds, "I Am."

I Am, Lil B
Motivation, Lil B
Read more about Lil B on NPR.

One Day, Sharon Van Etten

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bare Collection Handbags

I saw it, I wanted it but I opted to exercise some self restraint. I still wanted it. Want it. This Balloon Bag is edgy for a casual night, a night out on the town and yet polished enough for a more upscale event. It can be worn across the body or worn on your shoulder.

I, instead chose this very lightweight Basic Hobo Without Hardware. I am tired of the current trend of purses being so heavy that they leave indentations on my shoulder. It hurts! This is a simple design and the two zippers that come from the top of either side to meet in the center are genius. This way, you don't have to zip and unzip the entire length of the bag. I am able to fit so much in and only the contents of what I carry weigh anything. It also can be worn cross body or on the shoulder.

In the end, I did reward myself for being discerning by getting one of the larger of these elegant Bag Organizers. I use it for my make-up and take it everywhere. The leather is buttery. They were great Christmas gifts as well. The ladies love them.

Available online at barecollection.com

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paperless File System

Paperless is possible. Piles and cumbersome file systems compound and create stress as well as a messy office and or desk. Create a virtual file system on your computer. Start scanning.

These compact Fujitsu Snap Scanners scan 10 - 20 sheets of paper per a minute. They are available for PCs or Macs individually. If you can't invest in these, use your all in one printer and scanner. Scan documents and shred the paper. Back up your virtual file system on a hard drive. Two back - ups are recommended.

Once in the habit of scanning, there is less cramming paper into already full file folders, less paper build - up, and more open space. Documents are ready to referenced immediately, on your desktop. A whole new world.

Overhaul your old file system, rid yourself of your file cabinet, or create a new virtual file system. If you don't have the time or know how, OrganizedDesign will create one for you. Once you have the skeleton file system all you have to do is file away. Paperless, that is.

For help, check out OrganizedDesign or e-mail OrganizedDesign@gmail.com.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friends + Birthday

Aren't they beautiful? The fellas too but someone had to take the picture and hold the purses. We spent my birthday in Palm Springs lounging by the pool, eating, playing the slot machines and making sure our clan dog, Buddy Taco didn't overheat.

Not available just anywhere. I think I've chosen the best.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dish Doctor

The Dish Doctor is actually a dish rack. And it's cool. My dishes look cooler drying in this thing. Plus mine is clear which is not shown here and that makes it even better. It doesn't hold a ton of dishes which is fine for a just me or a very consistent dish washing situation.

It's actually two pieces fitted together. Water collects in the bottom half. Take the top half off, pour the water out of the bottom half, and dry it off. Easy and practical. Also, it's cool. Especially the clear one.

Available in many bright colors and white (with blue rubberized tips) at one of my favorite spots in LA, Plastica.