Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bare Collection Handbags

I saw it, I wanted it but I opted to exercise some self restraint. I still wanted it. Want it. This Balloon Bag is edgy for a casual night, a night out on the town and yet polished enough for a more upscale event. It can be worn across the body or worn on your shoulder.

I, instead chose this very lightweight Basic Hobo Without Hardware. I am tired of the current trend of purses being so heavy that they leave indentations on my shoulder. It hurts! This is a simple design and the two zippers that come from the top of either side to meet in the center are genius. This way, you don't have to zip and unzip the entire length of the bag. I am able to fit so much in and only the contents of what I carry weigh anything. It also can be worn cross body or on the shoulder.

In the end, I did reward myself for being discerning by getting one of the larger of these elegant Bag Organizers. I use it for my make-up and take it everywhere. The leather is buttery. They were great Christmas gifts as well. The ladies love them.

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