Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Lounge - Cable Boxes

I hate a mess of cables. Seriously. Single or double row power strips fit into Blue Lounge, Cable Boxes and you can plug away, cables unseen. The most current power strips come with USB ports to charge your peripherals. This is a great way to charge devices without them hanging out of your electrical sockets.Until Blue Lounge's Cable Boxes, I tied and wound cords into neat but still visible bundles, tucking them in corners as best as possible. These boxes are life changers. So much easier on the eyes. I could do without the cables coming out of the sides but then I guess then you wouldn't need the box. No such thing as truly wireless, yet...
Mini Cable Boxes are available in array of colors online at Blue Lounge. Lots of other neat stuff but this is the best. Expert opinion.

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