Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paperless File System

Paperless is possible. Piles and cumbersome file systems compound and create stress as well as a messy office and or desk. Create a virtual file system on your computer. Start scanning.

These compact Fujitsu Snap Scanners scan 10 - 20 sheets of paper per a minute. They are available for PCs or Macs individually. If you can't invest in these, use your all in one printer and scanner. Scan documents and shred the paper. Back up your virtual file system on a hard drive. Two back - ups are recommended.

Once in the habit of scanning, there is less cramming paper into already full file folders, less paper build - up, and more open space. Documents are ready to referenced immediately, on your desktop. A whole new world.

Overhaul your old file system, rid yourself of your file cabinet, or create a new virtual file system. If you don't have the time or know how, OrganizedDesign will create one for you. Once you have the skeleton file system all you have to do is file away. Paperless, that is.

For help, check out OrganizedDesign or e-mail

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