Monday, April 11, 2011

Orbiting Io

Alchemist. Janine Lim, thoughtfully describes identity, motherhood, household maintenance and nurturing her daughter as, “the most important job in the world.” but that, " post-baby, [her] work was largely unseen."

She confides that, "the only time I felt that my work was noticed was when I failed (or appeared to fail) to do it—like when the house was a wreck, or there was no dinner, or my child was losing it at the grocery store. In this way, a good job assumed a quality of invisibility; the better it was done, the less you noticed it."

Lim flips the switch and transforms the virtually unseen into plain sight. She relates that, “creating visibility, to capture a moment in time is also to assign it worth. In this sense, photographing my work at home has become a process of self-validation and an opportunity to assign value to my own labor. I do it to honor myself and the women of the world who deserve illumination.”

An intimate portrait of young mother demonstrating command of thought, heart and courage.

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