Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today I took a month and a half worth of recycling to the recycling center. I didn't have to separate any of it (although I already had.) Tin cans, aluminum cans, glass, paper, cardboard and plastic of the 1-5 & 7 variety can be tossed into the largest dumpsters you've ever seen. Plastic wrap, plastic bags and styrofoam are not recyclable. Cardboard boxes have to be folded down.

It felt awesome to toss all of that "garbage" into recycling. I imagine all the good use and transformation of material that my "garbage" had in its' future. I like to think of there will be a CRV trunk's worth less garbage sitting in a land fill.

As I unloaded, a woman pulled up two huge recycling containers over to my right. She looked over at me and she shot me a look like, "together, we recycle."

If you're in Chicago and you don't have a blue bin, check out your local recycling centers at If you live in L.A., you should have blue bins. For more information, go to LA County Department of Public Works.

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