Monday, May 17, 2010

Add Green

Plants bring life to your home and create a cozy atmosphere. According to Urban Planters, research proves:
  • Plants filter the air, removing carbon dioxide and some of the harmful toxins given off by modern office equipment and synthetic materials.
  • Plants give off oxygen, making people more alert; as a result, they work more efficiently.
  • Plants make the atmosphere more humid, reducing common reasons for absenteeism, such as tickly coughs.
  • Plants have psychological benefits. We are happier, less stressed and more productive in a greener, more natural environment. For further reading, please go to the Plants for People website.
Succulents and vines are easy to tend if you don't feel you have a green thumb. Orchids are surprisingly low maintenance. Place them in the sun depending on how much direct sunlight is required, soak them once a month and let them be. Gives one reason to marvel the natural things.

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